Buyback Resources

Link opens a new tabCash Control Sheet Online Entry

Required end-of-buy report completed by the Lead Buyer which shows beginning cash, ending cash, cash additions, total wholesale and retail books purchased, and cash short/long for the buy.

Link opens a new tabOnline Entry - This is the preferred method for use by experienced buyers.

Link opens a new tabManual Entry - Excel version of the Cash Control Sheet, in case one needs to print in advance of closing out, etc.

Link opens a new tabDaily Cash Reconciliation

Digital or printable worksheet for reconciling cash at the end of every buyback day. Includes "quick count" bundled money information.

Link opens a new tabProblematic Textbook Types

Some types of textbooks need to be inspected with additional care. This downloadable list is for buyers and outlines the types of potentially problematic books, what is okay to buy and what is not.

Link opens a new tabGrading Guidelines

To assure that our customers receive high-quality used books, these guidelines must be followed when evaluating books that will be returned to MBS.

Link opens a new tabBuyback & Rental Return Fundamentals

Last revised Aug. 2022.

Link opens a new tabDayton Freight Bill of Lading

Link opens a new tabOld Dominion Freight Bill of Lading

Link opens a new tabTelephone Numbers & Contact Information

Contact information for the MBS home office.