Buyback Training

This training session is broken down into several lessons (listed below.) It is best to read through the lessons first, then proceed to Lesson 1. After each lesson there is a short quiz, meant to be used as a study aid.

Lesson 1: Overview

What is MBS; what is buyback; quiz

Lesson 2: Preparation and Setup

Prepare the site; buyback security; quiz

Lesson 3: Buying Books

Typical buybacks; During the buy; appropriate presentation; scan and confirm; examining and damage down; quoting; buying and sorting; quiz

Lesson 4: Buyback Life

Breaks; meals; night life; weekends; quiz

Lesson 5: End-of-Day

Paperwork; money; storage; equipment; shipping; travel; expenses; quiz

Buyback Basics

Video 1: Buyback Basics

Buyback basics; required skills and knowledge

Video 2: Buyback Basics, continued

Key buyback errors; support and lead buyer responsibilities; where to get help; buyback expenses